Bedless Bones poised to release third album, Mire of Mercury

Mire of Mercury is due out on November 3.

Bedless Bones

Bedless Bones, an invigorating and abstract artist from Tallinn, Estonia, is preparing to release her third album. Mire of Mercury arrives on November 3.

We’ve already heard the album’s first single, “Dead Woman,” which I included on my list of the best songs of October. “Dead Woman” is an ethereal showpiece that made me a lifelong fan of Bedless Bones immediately upon hearing it.

The single opens Mire of Mercury. I’ve listened to the full album a couple of times, and it is the perfect autumnal album to absorb outside in the crisp air while watching the shadows drift around you.

Here’s what Bedless Bones wrote on Facebook about the album:

“Eleven spells from a mercurial mind, swathed in synth psychedelia. A fever dream’s mycelium. A survival of idealization. A sudden symmetry.

It’s done in my usual DIY fashion, recorded, performed, produced and mixed by myself; mastered by Anders Melts. Album artwork and design by me, photos by Anders and me.”

You can find Mire of Mercury on Bandcamp.

Bedless Bones is artist Kadri Sammel

Mire of Mercury is the follow-up to Bedless Bones’ debut album, Sublime Malaise, which was recently reissued by Metropolis Records. The reissue includes four remixes not found on the original release. Sublime Malaise also features Bedless Bones’ most popular track, an extravagant banger called “Limbs Entwined.”

For those new to Bedless Bones, she is singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and interdisciplinary artist Kadri Sammel. She has a background singing in choirs. Kadri also belongs to several other darkwave/industrial bands, including Forgotten Sunrise and Deathsomnia. She DJs under the name Dirt Vessel.

What makes Bedless Bones so exciting is that she experiments with different genres. Though her sound is primarily rooted in darkwave, she blends in stabbing techno elements, thumping EBM beats, and atmospheric IDM soundscapes.

Mire of Mercury tracklisting and cover art

  1. Dead Woman
  2. Litha
  3. Uncomfortable
  4. Thunder
  5. Homeostasis
  6. Quick, Silver
  7. Map to the Stars
  8. Blood Citadel
  9. Solar Animus
  10. Tongue and Rhythm
  11. Tantalus

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