Croc Shop returns with new album Perpetual Sequence

Perpetual Sequence is Croc Shop’s ninth full-length album.

Croc Shop

The long-running electro project Croc Shop, one-time known as Crocodile Shop, released a new album on Friday called Perpetual Sequence.

You can find Perpetual Sequence on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Perpetual Sequence is the ninth full-length album from Croc Shop and features long-time members Mick Hale and vMarkus. The band formed in 1987 in Berlin, and track one on the album is called “Berlin,” an ode perhaps to their origins.

Continuing with this legacy theme, the album’s cover features a man staring at Croc Shop’s discography, stretched across a gallery wall. He’s contemplating how far they’ve come.

Croc Shop has undergone a number of transformations across the years. Earlier releases had a gloomier goth-rock sound, and Chameleons guitarist Dave Fielding produced at least one album. In the ’90s, they moved toward an electro-industrial sound on albums like Beneath and Pain released by the genre’s biggest label at the time, Metropolis Records.

Today, Croc Shop combines many of the elements that have formed their sound for three-plus decades: programmed electronics, guitars, and rich melodies. It falls somewhere in the post-punk arena. They call it post-electro.

The album’s first single is a track called “Silver” that exemplifies Perpetual Sequence’s synth-rock sound. The lively New Wave bass on this song is its secret weapon, pumping it full of charging attitude.

Watch the amazing, shimmering music video for “Silver” here.

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