Danny Blu releases remix album, The Pale Horse: Pandemonium

That’s an impressive roster of remix artists.

Danny Blu

New York-based darkwave artist Danny Blu released a new remix album today called The Pale Horse: Pandemonium. There are some big names in dark electronic music doing remixes on this album. Check out that roster: Ashbury Heights, Kanga, Grendel, Imperative Reaction, Black Nail Cabaret, and on.

The original songs appeared on Danny Blu’s debut album, The Pale Horse, which came out in mid-2020.

Danny Blu is also the frontman of alternative rock band Echo Black, but he’s now working on solo material in the dark electronic music arena. As an LGBTQ artist, Danny is influenced by a wide variety of music, from industrial and post-punk to rock and pop. I see the term “industrial pop” used a lot these days, but Danny Blu’s music embodies that phrase better than any other artist.

Listen to The Pale Horse: Pandemonium on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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