Die Braut delivers new futurepop album

If you’re familiar with Die Braut’s harsh electro sound, you might be surprised by their new album.

Die Braut

The harsh electro band Die Braut has been steadily releasing their latest album, Virtual Communication. It finally hit Spotify.

If you’re a fan of Die Braut, you might be surprised by the sound of their new album. They’ve left behind their aggro origins and embraced trance elements that give Virtual Communication a calmer, futurepop soundscape. But it’s the pleasant, natural singing vocals that really set it apart.

Some long-time fans may not like the switch, but I’m really enjoying the new sound. Female vocals are such a rarity in futurepop, and it’s nice to hear new perspectives from artists in South America. Some of my favorite tracks on Virtual Communication are “Dissonance” and “Electric Body Love.”

Here’s what Die Braut had to say about the change in styles: “We believe it is time to take a turn in our musical career, looking for new experiences, try new sounds, get closer to other styles and look for new challenges. We are happy to be able to enjoy music in all its forms, create freely and fulfill our dreams.”

If you’re new to Die Braut, they are a duo from Santiago, Chile. When the band started out in 2007, they chose a German name (it translates to the bride) to celebrate the female figure in the male-dominated world of aggrotech. For an idea of what they used to sound like, watch “The New Men” on Youtube.

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