Generation Blitz honors the New Romantic period

The comp features 34 tracks from synthpop artists around the world.

Generation Blitz

Out today is a mammoth compilation album called Generation Blitz that includes Synthpop Fanatic favorites BlakLight and Nostalgia Deathstar, among many new discoveries.

Generation Blitz features 34 tracks from established and emerging artists around the world. The songs are inspired by the New Romantic subculture that emerged around the Blitz nightclub in London’s Covent Garden. In the early ’80s, the Blitz was hosted by Steve Strange and Rusty Egan, members of the influential synthpop band Visage, who recorded one of my favorite songs of all time, “Fade to Grey.”

Here’s what the press notes say about the compilation:

The collection includes overt homage alongside creative deconstruction of some of the sounds and styles of the period. The set moves from sophisticated synth pop classics to electronic new wave floorfillers and takes in minimal electronic synth punk and outsider post punk along the way. These are the sounds of a global scene that is an open space for all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, ages and abilities.

Many of the songs on Generation Blitz are exclusives. Los Angeles-based synthpop band BlakLight, who are getting close to releasing their sophomore album, offer an unreleased song called “So Gone.” UK artists Scenius and LorD & Master provide the tracks “Escalation” and “Strength in Numbers,” respectively.

This is a proper celebration of the New Romantic movement that includes specific references to the period. Australian electropop artist Montage Collective features a track called “Blitz Kids” that namechecks the era’s most famous artists, while another Australian artist, the synthpop band Parralox, covers “Fade to Grey.”

Montage Collective’s Timo Jalkanen and Nostalgia Deathstar’s Martin James are responsible for compiling the songs on Generation Blitz.

You can find Generation Blitz on Bandcamp.

For a closer look at the New Romantic subculture, check out this Youtube video that features footage from inside the Blitz club and of many of its famous figures, including Steve Strange and Boy George.

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