If you like Depeche Mode, you’ll love Fused

Check out Fused’s latest album, V2, at Bandcamp.

Fused - V2

Fused is a great synthpop artist that deserves more attention. V2, Fused’s latest album, was released on Friday.

You can find it on Bandcamp.

V2 contains digitally remastered versions of a bunch of previously released Fused songs and remixes, as well as 4 new songs. “Never Let Me Go” is a brand new song included on the release.

Be sure to check out my favorite Fused track, “Body Moves.”

Fused is Mark Kendrick from England. He started out doing covers of Depeche Mode songs like “Dream On,” “Dreaming of Me,” and “Love In Itself.” “Dreaming of Me” is included on V2. You can hear the Depeche Mode influence in his original music, although he has his own distinct sound.

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