Kanga releases deluxe version of Eternal Daughter

The deluxe version features 3 new songs.


In 2019, Kanga released an EP called Eternal Daughter that was the follow-up to her outstanding debut album. Eternal Daughter contains several excellent tracks, including “Run” and “Burn.”

Today she’s releasing a deluxe version of Eternal Daughter that features three new songs. The new tracks are a bit softer, I can see why she didn’t think they fit on the original release.

You can find Eternal Daughter at Bandcamp and Spotify.

Also notable, the Bandcamp page for Eternal Daughter says there’s a new Kanga album on the way. “KANGA is currently in the studio with Justin McGrath (Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Puscifer) to record a new album, scheduled to be released on the label in Fall 2020.”

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