Listen to Form’s new album, This World Is Ours

The album includes Form’s fantastic single, “You.”


The multi-national synthpop trio Form released their second album today, This World is Ours.

Form is comprised of English programmer Keith Trigwell, Welsh songwriter/vocalist Mark Bebb, and the prolific German producer Rob Dust. Their deep experience in electronic music conveys the unmistakable influence of classic synthpop bands like Erasure and Depeche Mode. But it’s all wrapped up in sleek, modern-day production courtesy of Rob Dust.

This World Is Ours is a balance of extremes. On Bandcamp, Form writes, “It combines the natural elements with other-worldly touches. As a humanity, we have the responsibility to protect the fragility of the world. Only by using our collective strength, can we reverse the inevitable landslide towards the precipice of extinction.”

The album was preceded by the fantastic single “You,” which combines aggressive beats with Mark Bebb’s vibrant vocals and synthpop song structure. You can watch the lyric video for “You” here.

This World Is Ours is the follow-up to Form’s debut album, Defiance + Entropy, which came out in 2018.

Listen to This World Is Ours on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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