Listen to Veil of Light’s new album Landslide

Veil of Light melds influences from synthpop and coldwave.

Veil of Light


Swiss coldwave duo Veil of Love released their fifth album today, Landslide.

Veil of Light is known for melding influences from across the post-punk landscape, and Landslide does just that. Citing artists as diverse as New Order and The Klinik, they describe the album as “10 tracks with a perfect balance of coldwave-inspired intimate atmosphere and synthpop catchy melodies.”

The album was preceded by the singles “The Prayer Wheel,” “Love and Money,” and “Suburban War.”

Landslide is the follow-up to Veil of Light’s 2019 album, Inflict, which features the amazing track “Fact2019,” one of my favorite songs of the year.

Listen to Landslide on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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