Priest releases sophomore album, Cyberhead

I miss the bondage vibe from their first album.

Priest - Cyberhead

Swedish synthpop band Priest released a new album today called Cyberhead, the follow-up to their incredible debut, New Flesh.

You can find Cyberhead on Spotify.

Cyberhead is the first album since original singer Tom Åsberg (also known as Ginger Khan) left the band to pursue other projects. Priest mastermind Linton Rubino has taken over on vocals, which are performed by a masked character they call Mercury.

It’s a mixed bag for me. They are definitely going for a broader, poppier sound. There are elements of Eurodance (“Xpander”) and even, shudder, Imagine Dragons-style melodies (“Hysteria” and “Time Traveler,” easily the worst track on the album). New Flesh and follow-up EP Obey had a dark, sexy vibe with hints of bondage that are nowhere to be found on Cyberhead.

Rubino doesn’t possess Åsberg’s vocal chops (understandably, as I believe Tom is a classically trained singer). So the songs are packed full of vocal processing that is inconsistently done. It often sounds like a different person singing each song.

The album’s best tracks have a bit more edge. “I Believe in You” has a dirty, fuzzed-out synthline that packs more punch than anything else on Cyberhead. Energetic singles “Dead Ringer” and “Thieves” are the other highlights.

Earlier this week, Priest released a music video for latest single, “Thieves.” Watch it below.

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