Third Realm releases new album, Morbid Attitude

Morbid Attitude includes Third Realm’s energetic single, “Black & White Television.”

Third Realm

Darkwave artist Third Realm has a new album out today called Morbid Attitude. It features a nice variety of dark music styles, from the futurepop opener “Castaway” to the dark pop of “Strangers” and “Corpse Bride.”

Morbid Attitude almost didn’t happen. Third Realm’s Nathan Reiner intended to release the songs as singles but decided to collect them as a full-length. The album includes his energetic single, “Black & White Television,” which came out earlier this year. I included it on my list of the best songs of February.

Third Realm is from Buffalo, New York. He’ll be performing a live set on Twitch next week for “Halfway 2 Helloween.” This free streaming event from Communion After Dark and Dark Indulgence takes place on May 15, 2021. Get more details at the Facebook invite.

You can find Morbid Attitude on Bandcamp.

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