UK synthpop legend White Door releases first new album in 37 years

White Door’s new album is called The Great Awakening. They still sound very romantic.

White Door

Wikipedia has a great chart listing the longest gaps between studio albums. The leader is a psychedelic folk artist I’m not familiar with, whose second album came nearly 44 years after her debut. The list includes Parliament (37 years), The Stooges (34 years), and Black Flag (28 years). Soft Cell is on there (18 years), and so is Kraftwerk (16 years).

The legendary British trio White Door should make the top 10. It’s been 37 years since their debut album, Windows, was released in 1983. Windows is a landmark of the ’80s New Romantic period and has become a cult favorite.

White Door’s long-awaited new album is called The Great Awakening. Daily Planet’s Johan Baeckström has joined the band as a fourth member and producer. It sounds like White Door picked up where they left off. There are plenty of ’80s touchpoints (some saxophone and minimalist, analogue synthlines), but it sounds more polished and mature. It’s also still very romantic.

You can find The Great Awakening on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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