Yestergrey releases new album, Busy Rushing Nowhere

Watch the Corbijn-esque video for new song “Dreamed a Dream.”


Swedish synthpop artist Yestergrey has a new album out on digital platforms today called Busy Rushing Nowhere. It’s dark and melancholic synthpop that reminds me a lot of early Depeche Mode.

Busy Rushing Nowhere is Yestergrey’s sophomore album. In 2019, he released his debut, an album called 1991 that featured the tracks “Eight or Nine” and “Sure as One Can Be.” I named “Eight or Nine” one of my favorite songs of the year.

Yestergrey is a solo act from Stockholm, Sweden who makes “mechanistic and melancholic synthpop, as if it had been extracted from an abandoned 90’s hardware sampler.”

Last week, Yestergrey released a music video to support the new album. You can watch “Dreamed a Dream” below. He’s not straying far from the Depeche Mode influence—the video features imagery highly reminiscent of Anton Corbijn, the Dutch photographer and filmmaker who made dozens of videos for DM, as well as other artists like U2 and Front 242. I half-expected him to swallow an egg in this video.

You can find Busy Rushing Nowhere on ScentAir Records and Spotify.

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