Stream Kite’s concert at the Royal Opera

You can now listen to this incredible concert on Spotify.

Kite live at the Operan

Kite is having a helluva year. The Swedish synthpop duo released three incredible new songs, each one better than the last. They’ve also unveiled a fantastic recording of their live performance last year at the Royal Opera in Stockholm.

That recording was initially billed as a limited-edition vinyl release that sold out almost immediately. Fortunately for those of us without record players, it’s available in other formats.

You can watch a video of the entire performance here.

Additionally, the audio is out on Spotify. Listen to it here.

The performance was recorded in November 2019 and features a 16-piece orchestra accompanying Kite. It sounds incredible. They play some of their best-known tracks like “Dance Again” and “Up for Life” along with deeper cuts like “Hills.”

Here’s the complete tracklisting:

  1. Intro
  2. Hexx
  3. Hopelessly Unholy
  4. True Colours
  5. I Can´t Stand
  6. My Girl and I
  7. Tranås/Stenslanda
  8. Väliaika
  9. Hills
  10. Wishful Summer Night
  11. Demons & Shame
  12. Nocturne
  13. Dance Again
  14. Up for Life

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