Zola Jesus and Blanck Mass are streaming Thursday

This should be a great show from two incredible artists.

Zola Jesus

Two incredible electronic artists, Zola Jesus and Blanck Mass, are performing a livestream this Thursday, May 21, at 8 PM EDT.

You can RSVP to the Facebook event here.

This is a ticketed show, but it’s not very expensive. Tickets are $5 though you can choose to donate more to the artists. Buy tickets here.

Zola Jesus is a genre-defying artist who combines avant-garde sounds with darkwave song structure, gothic imagery, and a powerful, classically-trained voice. I have yet to see her perform, so I’m looking forward to this livestream. Her most recent studio album, Okovi, was a dark and emotionally wrenching opus about loss. It was one of my favorite albums of 2017.

British artist Blanck Mass makes noisy, post-industrial, bass-heavy electronic music. His most recent album, Animated Violence Mass, contained snarly, indecipherable vocals reminiscent of aggrotech. I have no idea what a Blanck Mass live performance looks like. He’s currently working on new music with Swedish synthpop geniuses Kite.

Zola Jesus and Blanck Mass are both on the Sacred Bones Records label. In 2018, she remixed the Blanck Mass song “Please,” which you find below.

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