Music League

Welcome to the Synthpop Fanatic Music League!

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Music League is a weekly contest that will challenge your knowledge of music, introduce you to new tunes, and spark your competitive spirit.

How Music League works

Every Monday morning at 10 am ET, I will announce a new category—something like remixes or sad songs. You have 3 days to submit one song in the category to the league. On Thursday, it will build a playlist of all the submitted songs.

Everyone who participates gets 5 points to distribute however you want to the songs in the playlist. You have until Monday to award your points. At that time, the league reveals which songs got the most points, and the next round begins.

Music League runs on Spotify so you need to have a Spotify account to play. Apologies if you don’t use Spotify. You can still listen to the Spotify playlists even if you’re participating in the league.

The games begin March 4. There will be 10 rounds. The player with the most points at the end will win a Synthpop Fanatic prize package.

Round 1
Category: Foundational Synthpop
Winning song: “Electricity” by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Winning player: Andrew


Round 2
Category: Women of Synthpop
Winning song: “Destroy Everything You Touch” by Ladytron
Winning player: tekkrokk


Round 3
Category: Make Me Blue
Winning song: “Illusion” by VNV Nation
Winning player: cocob


Round 4
Category: Let’s Collab
Winning song: “Not In Love” by Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith
Winning player: cocob


Round 5
Category: True Colors
Winning song: TBA
Winning player: TBA