Beyond Border invite 16 artists to create “Perfection”

Each version of “Perfection” has its own singer and even lyrics.

Beyond Border

This is one of the most unusual projects to appear lately. German band Beyond Border has released a new song called “Perfection” that comes in 17 different versions—each with its own singer and even lyrics.

“Perfection” is an electropop ballad with a thick beat and the creative synth arrangements we’ve come to expect from Beyond Border. The artists contributing vocals to the track include BlakLight, MORE, NamNamBulu’s Henrik Iversen, Spektralized, and many others. Each singer adds a new dimension, incorporating their own styles and languages. Beyond Border’s own singer Kai Vincenz Nemeth also offers his version.

Here’s how Beyond Border describes this unusual project:

What do you think will come out if you ask different artists to bring a song to life with their own ideas? A common basis, a word that describes the content and 16 artists give us the answer. The result is a wonderful journey through the feelings, sorrows and joys of these musical partners. “Perfection” was born as an instrumental and now has 17 different mothers and fathers from many different countries, with their diverse languages.

You can find all 17 versions of “Perfection” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Artists contributing to “Perfection”

Here is the complete tracklisting along with the artists performing “Perfection.”

  1. Perfection (feat. BlakLight)
  2. Perfection (feat. Desastroes)
  3. Perfection (feat. Irrlicht)
  4. Perfection (feat. Kontrast)
  5. Perfection (feat. Schwarzschild)
  6. Perfection (feat. KY)
  7. Perfection (feat. Gunmaker)
  8. Perfection (feat. MORE)
  9. Perfection (feat. Neufeld)
  10. Perfection (feat. N/Ctrl)
  11. Perfection (feat. Henrik Iversen)
  12. Perfection (feat. People Theatre)
  13. Perfection (feat. Christian F.)
  14. Perfection (feat. Spektralized)
  15. Perfection (feat. Lis van den Akker)
  16. Perfection (feat. System Noire)
  17. Perfection

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