Cold Connection unveil “Bright” from their upcoming EP

“Bright” is Cold Connection’s first original song since their 2021 debut album.

Cold Connection

One of my favorite new synthpop acts, Cold Connection, returned today with a new song called “Bright.” It’s a gorgeous track with spacey electronics, a strong beat, and lovely vocals.

The music video for “Bright” has an otherworldly feel that mixes footage of space exploration with two dancers covered in glitter. The visuals provide a nice fit for lyrics like “Glistering, overwhelming and shivering, whispering.”

“Bright” may be a brand new release, but it’s actually an old song that began life long ago as a Cold Connection demo. The song was originally written by former member Jonas Lindelöf. Current members Daniel Billqvist and Pontus Olsson have revived it with new music and vocals.

Here’s what Daniel says about the song:

We wanted to create an up tempo synthpop song that works on the dancefloor. We kept the original melody line and rearranged the song a bit with a new bridge and instrumental parts. We also made it a bit darker and atmospheric.

The song is about you, me and everyone else who from time to time just want to leave this earth and all the horrible things mankind is doing to each other… together in a spaceship for destination love.

“Bright” is the first original song we’ve heard from the project since their monumental debut album, Seconds of Solitude, which came out in 2021. They’ve since released covers of songs by Depeche Mode and Rational Youth, two of the band’s biggest influences.

Another new song is on the way. Both tracks will appear on Cold Connection’s forthcoming EP, which should be out this year.

If you’re new to Cold Connection, they are a duo from Sweden. I named them the best new synthpop artist of 2021. Read my interview with the band to learn more about their background and their approach to songwriting.

You can find Cold Connection’s “Bright” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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