CØLDSTAR explores outer space on their audio/visual EP, Coming Home

Watch all six videos from CØLDSTAR’s new EP.


It’s common for bands to release music videos when dropping a new album or EP. Videos add a visual element to their sound and provide new dimensions to the artist’s mystique. But most bands produce just one or two music videos each album cycle.

Swiss duo CØLDSTAR goes the extra mile. They’ve unveiled visualizers for every song on their new EP, Coming Home. The six videos form a cohesive experience full of sci-fi imagery—space stations floating among the stars, astronauts walking on a distant planet.

All these spacey visuals brand CØLDSTAR as a sci-fi synthpop project. Their bio describes their sound as “electrowaves from outerspace,” and they’re inspired by such things as “extinguished stars, foreign planets and black holes. Places beyond our imagination that arouse longings and invite us to dream.”

CØLDSTAR is a fairly new band from Switzerland comprised of Martin Baumann and Michael Freund. Their only other release is a cover of the Nine Inch Nails classic, “Hurt.” Coming Home is their first EP.

You can find Coming Home on Bandcamp and Spotify. Or watch all six videos below.

CØLDSTAR – Coming Home EP

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