CZARINA enters a new era with “Exoskeleto”

“Exoskeleto” is the new single from CZARINA’s third album, expected this fall.

The enigmatic darkwave priestess CZARINA released a new track today called “Exoskeleto.” It’s her first original solo material since her groundbreaking album, Arcana.

On “Exoskeleto,” CZARINA fuses mythological and science-fiction storytelling to summon a biomechanical creature from within. It features toppling mechanical beats, rattling electronics, and the otherworldly singing style that is part of her unique signature.

Here’s what the press notes say about the new song:

CZARINA first laments at her trials before combusting into her signature powerful, tantric wails seething with emotion, while summoning a certain biomechanical and exoskeletal astral anomaly. The track maneuvers into an arpeggiated and orchestral section with a haunting full choir and crescendoes into one final blast before ending in a dramatic, somber resolve.

“Exoskeleto” reveals CZARINA’s next stages in her own artistic evolution that combines all of her signature heavy-hitting yet ethereal elements with her passion in fusing synth, electronic and organic sounds, orchestral arrangements, dynamic compositions, formidable vocal prowess, and artful lyricism.

New CZARINA album coming this fall

“Exoskeleto” will appear on CZARINA’s forthcoming third album, which is due in the fall of 2024. She wrote, produced, and recorded the track with some production and engineering help from Von Hertzog of VHxRR and The Social Club. As always, the music video for “Exoskeleto” was created by CZARINA and her husband and creative partner DeadlyKawaii, under their production house called The Kitsunés.

If you’re new to CZARINA, she is a genre-defying artist from New York who now resides in Galicia, Spain, a magnificent landscape that provides endless inspiration for her music and videos. She incorporates unexpected elements—mythological storytelling, prog rock arrangements, otherworldly chants—into a cohesive and compelling sound that is wholly her own.

Last year, CZARINA released a cover of “The Outsider” by A Perfect Circle. She also collaborated with her darkTunes label mate EXTIZE on a song called “Candy Warrior.”

In 2022, CZARINA released her sophomore album, Arcana, which I named the best synthpop album of the year. Arcana is one of those rare albums with no skips. Among its many amazing tracks: “Atomic: Ad Initivm,” “Wonderland,” and “Excelsior.”

You can find her new song “Exoskeleto” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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