Emerging act The Elegant debuts first visual, Roots

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A promising new artist called The Elegant recently unveiled his first music video. It’s for a track called “Roots” that is dark, foreboding synthpop with electronics that slice across its beat and lyrics about looking for the answers behind your darkness.

“Roots” is The Elegant’s 13th song. It is accompanied by a faster-paced B-side called “The Same News Today” and a “Boneless Remix” of “Roots.”

Brazilian artist Gustavo Prado de Azevedo directed the ambient music video for “Roots.”

The Elegant is an electronic music project from Argentina helmed by musician and singer Claudio Cocconi. He released his first single, “Life on Fire,” in 2017, and he’s currently at work on a full-length album, though several of his previous tracks have been collected as a set on Spotify.

Argentinian artist Román Gomes has created all of the incredible cover art for The Elegant’s releases, including “Roots.” He cites a “fascination with the fantastic and the supernatural” as inspiration, which offers a nice fit for The Elegant’s music.

You can find “Roots” at Bandcamp.


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