Fonohead releases new EP, When the Moon Seemed So Close

New music from one of my favorite new artists of the year.

Fonohead - When the Moon Seemed So Close

It’s been a great year for new artists. One of my favorite discoveries is Fonohead, whose debut album, A Broken Shape of Time, is on my list of the best synthpop albums of 2020 so far.

Today, Fonohead is following up his debut album with a collection of three new songs called When the Moon Seemed So Close. It contains sublime synth sounds and emotionally charged lyrics that make for peaceful, reflective listening.

Fonohead continues to explore lost moments and the passage of time. The EP opens with the lyrics, “The purple sand of time slips slowly through our fingers.” Later, on the stunningly beautiful song “Last Day on the Moon,” he repeats the tranquil line, “We speak the words we won’t remember.”

Fonohead is a global artist who doesn’t stay put in one place for long, and that worldly experience informs his music. You can learn more about him and his debut album in my earlier post. He’s released two music videos this year: “Metropolitan Child” and “Hey You.”

When the Moon Seemed So Close is on Spotify and Fonohead’s website.

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