Listen to an exclusive remix from Unroyal’s upcoming EP

Unroyal’s Remixes EP will be out June 4.


Sweden’s Unroyal is one of my favorite new artists for their elegant, emotionally resonant take on modern-day synthpop. I know they’ve been working on new music, and I hope we get to hear something new this year.

In the meantime, I have just received word from Unroyal’s record label, ORD, that they are releasing an EP on June 4 that will contain remixes of a handful of previously released Unroyal songs. And they’ve allowed me to share an exclusive track from the EP. Listen to Unroyal’s own remix of their song “Ardenne” here.

The Remixes EP will feature remixes from a diverse set of Swedish artists, including Stockholm industrial band Stumm/Risberg, Swedish DJ and electronic musician a>m, Varg, producer Dan Lissvik, and musician Peter Morén of the indie band Peter Bjorn And John. Of particular note, Dan Lissvik has previously remixed another favorite, Fever Ray, and he does indeed add a Fever Ray-vibe to Unroyal’s sound.

For those new to Unroyal, they are a duo from Umeå, Sweden. They made their debut in 2019 with a 4-track EP called Rest in Songs that contained their signature track, “We Play Remain in Light.” That was followed by their debut album, Mainstream, one of my top 10 albums of the year. You can read my review of Mainstream here.

In 2020, Unroyal made a surprise appearance on the Progress Productions 100 compilation despite not being on the label’s roster. The album included a lovely exclusive track from Unroyal called “The Cruelest Design.”

More information coming soon when the Remixes EP is available to purchase.

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