New band Living Signs release “Ocean of Life”

“Ocean of Life” is the German band’s second song.

Living Signs

I’m on the hunt for new artists, and I’ve recently stumbled upon one called Living Signs. Their new single, “Ocean of Life,” is only the band’s second song.

“Ocean of Life” is an electro track that features a roiling futurepop beat and blasts of stormy electronics. The vocals mix seamlessly from deep, guttural verses to passionate choruses that roar: “Ocean of life. Darkness inside.” If I had to make a comparison, I’d say they fall into the school of modern club music that includes Beyond Border and Eisfabrik. Notably, Eisfabrik’s Gerrit Thomas mixes and masters the track.

Living Signs is a duo out of Berlin comprised of Markus Obscurus and Marko Bonew. The project began in 2022, and their sound draws upon influences from electropop, EBM, darkwave, punk, and metal.

“Ocean of Life” is the follow-up to Living Signs’ first song, “SpeZialoperation” (special operation), which they released in July as a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Living Signs posted on Bandcamp: “Into this song, I put my anger at what is happening to the ordinary people there, who are losing their future, their home, their integrity or even their life.”

You can find “Ocean of Life” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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