New band you should know: My Hysteria

New song “Golden” from English band My Hysteria is among my favorite songs this year.

My Hysteria

It was around this time last year that Swedish duo Cold Connection emerged seemingly out of nowhere to become one of my favorite new synthpop discoveries. I’d later name them best new artist of 2021 and their debut full-length best album of the year. So lately I’ve kept a close lookout for emerging talent.

This weekend I stumbled across a couple of new projects I’m excited to write about. One of those bands, My Hysteria, makes the type of dark synthpop I adore.

My Hysteria hails from London, England, and is comprised of a single member, Alessio Croe. The band began as a two-piece in 2017, but former member Martin Traverse left the project after they released their first EP. Alessio reset the band’s direction and began making music on his own.

Here’s how he describes My Hysteria’s sound:

My Hysteria’s sound has evolved from industrial pop to dark synthpop with uplifting and introspective lyrics, the sound reflecting its deep roots in modern and classic wave and inspired by the New Romantics.

In March, My Hysteria released a six-track EP called A Darker Romantic that defines the project’s new incarnation. It includes beautifully understated sounds and melancholic lyrics.

Alessio quickly followed A Darker Romantic with a new track called “Golden” that is one of the best songs I’ve heard this year. “Golden” features a propulsive beat and shimmery synths that bear comparison to peak futurepop. At times, Alessio’s vocal melodies remind me of Ronan Harris, but he has a rich, husky voice that sounds entirely his own.

On Friday, My Hysteria released yet another new track called “Pacific” that furthers the project’s dark direction. Alessio tells me that “Golden” and “Pacific” will appear on an EP he plans to release this fall.

You can find My Hysteria on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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