Robert Smith joins Chvrches on “How Not to Drown”

Chvrches’ fourth album is called Screen Violence.

Chvrches feat. Robert Smith

Scottish synthpop trio Chvrches has a new song out today called “How Not To Drown” that features none other than Robert Smith from The Cure.

“How Not to Drown” is the second single from Chvrches this year. In April, they released “He Said She Said.” Both songs will appear on Chvrches upcoming fourth album, which is called Screen Violence. The album is out August 27.

Chvrches has been teasing the album since December. In an interview with The Guardian, frontwoman Lauren Mayberry said they’ve been mining influence from Depeche Mode and The Cure. I thought that meant darker subject matter than on previous album Love Is Dead, Chvrches’ big bid for mainstream success. At the time, I had no idea they’d actually be collaborating with The Cure.

The Cure themselves have been teasing their next album for a couple of years now. At one time, the album had the working title Live from the Moon, though nothing official’s been announced. The Cure’s last album, 4:13 Dream, was released in 2008.

Robert Smith is no stranger to guest appearances. He most recently collaborated with Gorillaz on their 2020 song, “Strange Timez.” By far his best guest appearance though is on Crystal Castles’ version of “Not in Love.”

You can find “How Not to Drown” on Spotify and other digital platforms.

Chvrches’ Screen Violence complete tracklisting

Here’s the complete tracklisting for Chvrches’ fourth album:

  1. Asking For A Friend
  2. He Said She Said
  3. California
  4. Violent Delights
  5. How Not To Drown
  6. Final Girl
  7. Good Girls
  8. Lullabies
  9. Nightmares
  10. Better If You Don’t

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