Swedish band KÅRP preps final EP of its apocalyptic trilogy

Experience KÅRP’s new single “Zero Heartbeat” in a 3D environment.


In early 2022, Swedish synthpop project KÅRP announced a series of EPs they call their apocalyptic trilogy. The first two EPs arrived in 2022, but then KÅRP mysteriously went silent and the final EP never appeared.

Well, KÅRP is back. This summer, the band has released two new songs, “Greasy Makeup” and “Zero Heartbeat,” and promised to complete their apocalyptic trilogy by the end of the year.

“Greasy Makeup” arrived in June. With startlingly beautiful vocals and ebullient synth riffs, the song offers a powerful and thoughtful response to abandonment, abuse, and other ills of the world.

Experience “Zero Heartbeat” in 3D

KÅRP’s latest track is “Zero Heartbeat,” another powerful blast of synth bliss.

There’s no music video for “Zero Heartbeat,” but KÅRP has released the song in an innovative 3D environment powered by HIBERWORLD. It’s a unique way to experience the song. Once you arrive in the 3D concert hall, use the A W S D keys to walk and the spacebar to jump. Hit the 1 key to start dancing.

To enter the 3D environment, click here.

As for the song itself, KÅRP says:

Do you remember that winter in first grade? The first snow had just set and as the bell rang for break you and your class mates ran out to commence in the first snowball war of the season. It always ended up in total mayhem: bleeding eyebrows, sore heads and freezing finger tips. Perhaps children are the most evil of creatures and empathy grows with age? “Zero Heartbeat” is a raging children’s chant about spinal reflexes to primal fears, wrapped in pulsating electronic beats and a haunting sense of doom.

KÅRP’s apocalyptic trilogy

“Greasy Makeup” and “Zero Heartbeat” will appear on KÅRP’s forthcoming EP, Radical You, the final set in a trilogy of EPs.

The three EPs in KÅRP’s apocalyptic trilogy represent the three stages of the apocalypse: Chaos, Silence, and New World Order. The first in the series, Kris (Swedish for crisis), came out in January 2022 and included the pre-release single, “It Looks Bad.” Second EP Perfect Order followed in the summer. It featured the song “You’ll Be Dancing.”

You can find KÅRP’s music on Spotify.

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