Watch the “Stay” video from Breathe of My Leaves

Watch it exclusively at Synthpop Fanatic before it’s officially released.

Breathe of My Leaves

Canadian band Breathe of My Leaves produced a lyric video for their song “Stay.” You can watch it exclusively at Synthpop Fanatic for the next 24 hours before it’s officially released.

“Stay” is the third single from Breathe of My Leaves’ latest album, The Radiant Believers, which was released last September. The band says the single mix has been “electrified and juiced-up.” It comes with a B-side called “Lost Valley” and a remix of album track “Trepidation!” by South Asian psy-trance DJ Novlik.

Here’s what the band says about the song:

A song with a lyric depicting an ever burning love for another, only to clearly see that it is a give-give relationship with no take. Giving them galaxies, allowing yourself to turn the other cheek (or stick the knife in towards my lovable side) giving them all the space and gifts in the world.

Breathe Of My Leaves is an electronic music project that was created 22 years ago by music producer Stephano Barberis and vocalist Jordan Gant. They released their debut album, Pangeometrica, in 2013. Stephano is also an award-winning director who directed the visuals for Erasure’s “Neon Tour,” and Jordan previously belonged to a pop duo called Escape the Audience.

You can find “Stay” at Bandcamp and Spotify.

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