Blutengel release new album, Erlösung – The Victory of Light

Watch the new video for “Darkness Awaits Us.”



The new Blutengel album, Erlösung – The Victory of Light, is out now. They’ve also released a music video for new single, “Darkness Awaits Us.”

You can find Erlösung – The Victory of Light on Bandcamp and Spotify.


Last night, the German darkwave band Blutengel announced that their next album will be called Erlösung – The Victory of Light. Erlösung is German for “redemption” or “salvation.” The album will be out on July 16.

It’s a bit unusual for an album title to combine German and English like that, but perhaps that reflects Blutengel’s ability to perform seamlessly in both German and English. The release notes say that the album will have more German songs than any previous Blutengel release.

Blutengel describes Erlösung – The Victory of Light as an eternal cycle that ignites and takes the listener into the realm of Blutengel: “After the light comes the darkness and after the dark comes the light.”

Erlösung – The Victory of Light will be the second Blutengel album this year. In March, they released an album called Fountain of Destiny that is comprised of ’80s cover songs. It includes synthpop standards like “Forever Young” and “Ship of Fools,” as well as unusual choices like Mike + The Mechanics’ symphonic rock anthem, “Silent Running.” Blutengel’s last proper album was 2019’s Damokles.

Here is the complete tracklist for Erlösung – The Victory of Light. I’ve included English translations for the German titles:

  1. Illuminate my Soul
  2. Wir sind das Licht (We are the Light)
  3. We Are Not Dead
  4. Seasons
  5. Wer ist Dein Meister? (Who is Your Master)
  6. Deine Dämonen (Your Demons)
  7. I Am the Darkness
  8. Erlöse Mich (Deliver Me)
  9. Wie Sand (Like Sand)
  10. No Religion
  11. Darkness Awaits Us
  12. We Fall
  13. The Victory of Light
  14. Hand in Hand

You can pre-order Erlösung – The Victory of Light from Out of Line Music.

In announcing the album, Blutengel also dropped a new single and music video, the title track “The Victory of Light.” Much like the album’s title, it’s a mixture of German and English lyrics—the German verses are intersected by a bombastic English chorus.

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