CZARINA reveals visuals for Arcana album

Arcana will be out February 22. See the incredible cover art and publicity photos.


American artist CZARINA has developed a strong reputation for the mindblowing visuals that accompany her music. So when she sent me the publicity photos for her upcoming album Arcana, I stopped everything I was doing to have a look. The anticipation paid off because they are incredible.

The visual elements feel otherworldly, placing CZARINA on pitch black backgrounds in fantasy settings. I particularly love the image of her riding a gryphon. All of CZARINA’s visuals are conceptualized and created by her and her husband, the artist DeadlyKawaii.

Last year, CZARINA released three audio-visual sensations: “Atomic: Ad Initivm,” “Wonderland,” and “Medusa,” ramping up the anticipation for her second full-length. All three tracks will appear on the album, which is called Arcana. It’s coming February 22, 2022. Notably, it also includes a cover of the Siouxsie and the Banshees song, “Cities in Dust.”

Here’s what the press notes say about Arcana:

Cosmic, mystical, yet also feral and ferocious in nature, Arcana (meaning “mysteries” or “secrets” in Latin) is a celebration of epic proportions of nature, life, love, wisdom, faith, survival, consciousness, truth, the laws of the universe, and one’s own completion. The record showcases the vast dynamics and full range of CZARINA’s songwriting, composition, production, and artful lyricism, and has been meticulously crafted to mirror and articulate the mysterious depths and facets of the artist’s mind and spirit.

You can pre-order Arcana and purchase CZARINA’s merchandise at Bandcamp.

Arcana tracklisting and cover art

Here’s the complete tracklisting for CZARINA’s album Arcana and the amazing cover art.

  1. Celestial Satellites
  2. Wonderland
  3. Atomic (Ad Initivm)
  4. Excelsior
  5. The Fox’s Wedding
  6. Medusa
  7. Cities in Dust
  8. Lost Lands
  9. Til the Last Star (Cosmos)
  10. Lost Lands

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