Daniel Hall releases his 15th studio album, Human

Human includes Daniel Hall’s latest single, “Invader.”

Daniel Hall - Human


Australian synthpop musician Daniel Hall released his new album today. Human includes previously released singles “Corruption” and “The Watchman,” as well as Daniel’s latest single, “Invader.”

You can find Human on Bandcamp and Spotify.


I’ve had my eye on Australian synthpop musician Daniel Hall for a couple of years. He caught my attention in 2019 with “Twisted Reality,” a buoyant electro number with so many unexpected elements.

But this year Daniel moved up several notches on my must-hear list with a trio of spectacular singles, “The Watchman,” “The Fireman,” and especially “Corruption,” my favorite track from March. “Corruption,” which has become one of Daniel’s best-selling singles to date, features a dark, thumping beat with vibrant sound effects and bitter vocals aimed at corrupt politicians and businessmen.

Daniel recently announced that those three singles will appear on his next album, Human, which will be his fifteenth. The album was produced and recorded at Daniel’s home in Sydney. It’s due out November 26.

Daniel was kind enough to send me an advance copy of Human, and listening to it is like having a conversation with Daniel at the pub about the state of things and how they’re making him feel. At times throughout the album, he laments the impact of COVID-19, he sings of fear and corruption and hope for better days, he expresses contempt for false narratives that permeate society. He also pays homage to firefighters who battled Australia’s historic 2020 bush fires.

The press notes for Human promise this will be Daniel’s darkest record yet.

Daniel has ventured into the cyberpunk world on a number of songs while maintaining his core synthwave sound. This is a more powerful and dark album, and Daniel has much to say that is shown in the brooding lyrics and storylines. This may have something to do with the epidemic and lockdowns he has experienced.

On Friday, he’ll release the album’s next single, “Invader,” followed by a final single, “Fear” on December 3. Both songs will receive visual treatments, and I’ll be sure to update this story with the videos.

Human tracklisting and cover art

Here is the complete tracklisting for Human along with the album’s cover art:

  1. The Watchman
  2. Invader
  3. Corruption
  4. Draconian Days (feat. Stephen Newton)
  5. Fear
  6. Feeling Low
  7. You Won’t Let Me Go
  8. Dancing With The Devil
  9. What Is Your Story
  10. The Fireman
  11. A Hundred Ways To Love
  12. Humanoid

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