Deus Ex Lumina announces debut album, As Above So Below

As Above So Below arrives July 26, 2024.

Deus Ex Lumina

Berlin-based darkwave project Deus Ex Lumina has finally shared details of their debut album, which will be called As Above So Below. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this announcement after being blown away by a string of singles they’ve released over the past few years.

As Above So Below arrives July 26, 2024. The tracklist features a whopping 18 tracks that include a mixture of previously released songs and brand new material.

Along with the announcement, Deus Ex Lumina also unveiled the album’s title track, which features artist Tara C Taylor. The song explores the idea that the universe and our souls mirror each other. It’s accompanied by a lyric video.

Deus Ex Lumina recently signed with influential label Cold Transmission Music, who will release As Above So Below. Here’s what the press notes say about it:

As Above So Below is interconnectedness, the idea that we are all one. The album weaves this esoteric concept into its haunting melodies and atmospheric soundscapes, creating an enlightening experience that is both ethereal and profound. Each track invites you to explore the depths of your inner world in the vastness of the cosmos, blurring the lines between the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown.

Deus Ex Lumina, the solo project of music producer Gonzalo Schwindt, is a rising star in the darkwave scene. Gonzalo grew up in Buenos Aires, playing in various post-punk bands as a drummer. Now residing in Berlin, he makes a unique blend of dark, synth-driven music.

In 2023, he released a powerful anthem called “Fight Back!” that was among my favorite songs of the year. It’s a defiant and catchy tune that serves as a call to underground subcultures, the demented and downtrodden and alien, to stand up to oppression.

You can pre-order As Above So Below on Bandcamp.

As Above So Below tracklisting and cover art

As Above So Below contains previous singles like “Fight Back!” and “Addicted to Your Pain,” as well as a handful of new songs.

  1. Dopamine Nation
  2. As Above So Below
  3. Day After Day
  4. Black Road
  5. We Are Dead Tonight
  6. Black Theater Of Love
  7. Leather And Pain
  8. Dark Days
  9. Take Me Away
  10. Sleep Paralysis
  11. Fight Back!
  12. Love
  13. Dead House
  14. Addicted To Your Pain
  15. We Are One
  16. Black Lipstick
  17. Revelation 12-9
  18. I’m Ready To Go

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