Fever Ray announces new album, Radical Romantics

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails contribute to the new album.

The enigmatic musician known as Fever Ray has announced the release of their third studio album. It’s called Radical Romantics, and it will be out March 10, 2023.

Fever Ray also released the album’s second single, “Carbon Dioxide,” a blippy firecracker that showcases Karin Dreijer’s distinctive vocals. I like this track much better than the previously released single, “What They Call Us,” a slowburner that never seems to lift off.

Notably, “What They Call Us” was co-produced by Karin and their brother Olof Dreijer, marking a reunion of their highly influential band The Knife, which split in 2014. “Carbon Dioxide,” however, gets an assist from English musician Vessel, who most recently co-produced the evocative score for Viking movie The Northman.

Olof co-writes and co-produces four songs on the album. Meanwhile, Pitchfork reports that Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails also contribute.

Radical Romantics will explore “love”

Fever Ray’s 2009 self-titled debut is a masterpiece of motherhood and earthly mysticism that includes the songs “If I Had a Heart” and “Triangle Walks.” It remains my favorite album of the 21st century.

In 2017, Fever Ray took a sharp left-turn on their sophomore album, Plunge, replacing the debut’s dense fog with skittish electronics and songs about sex and intimacy. Though the album alienated many fans, I found it to be a brilliant and mesmerizing coming out record.

In a recent AMA, Fever Ray discussed their new album:

If debut album was motherhood, second album was queer awakening, what’s third? “Love.”

Radical Romantics tracklisting and cover art

Radical Romantics will contain 10 tracks, including the two pre-release singles. You can pre-order it on Bandcamp.

  1. What They Call Us
  2. Shiver
  3. New Utensils
  4. Kandy
  5. Even It Out
  6. Looking For A Ghost
  7. Carbon Dioxide
  8. North
  9. Tapping Fingers
  10. Bottom Of The Ocean

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