Listen to Lizette Lizette’s new album, Miss Gendered

Watch the fabulous new music video for the title track.

Lizette Lizette


Miss Gendered, the new album from Swedish artist Lizette Lizette is out today. They’ve also released a fabulous music video for the title track that delves into the album’s themes.

You can find Miss Gendered on Spotify and Bandcamp.


Swedish artist Lizette Lizette has revealed the details of their next album, which will be called Miss Gendered. It’s coming out on June 24.

We’ve already heard several tracks from Miss Gendered, including “Scorpio,” “Sorry,” and new single “You Lied,” which is a beautiful and twinkling ode to vengeance that might be my favorite Lizette track so far.

Miss Gendered is the follow-up to Lizette’s second album, NON, which came out in 2019. Its title track, “Non,” has become an anthem for non-binary people and was one of my favorite tracks of 2019. Lizette made their debut in 2017 with Queerbody, a collection of queer-positive electropop that was co-produced by Kite’s Nicklas Stenemo.

Here’s what Lizette says about their new album:

Even though I have made a big deal of being queer and non-binary through my music and art, the media, journalists and individuals continue to misgender me. I have released an album called “Queerbody,” an album called “NON,” released a song and a video called “Non” where the chorus reads “You wanna call me a girl, you wanna call me a Woman, I am Non.” Despite this, people find it difficult to accept that I am non-binary and that my pronoun is “they/them.”

From there, the idea was born to name my upcoming and third album “Miss Gendered.” And based on that, the whole concept of making a song with the same name was created, which is a very long speech of thanks and a video that takes place in a beauty contest where I and a bunch of queers, drag queens, dragkings, clubkids, dancers and bodybuilders compete for the title “Miss Gendered.” As if that were a desirable title.

Miss Gendered tracklisting

Here’s the complete tracklisting for Miss Gendered:

  1. Sorry
  2. Cuts
  3. Not Over Yet
  4. Miss Gendered
  5. Someday You’ll Be Ashamed Of Yourself
  6. You Lied
  7. Scorpio
  8. Rotten

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