New God Module album features remixes from across the dark electronic spectrum

Today in unexpected collaborations: Iris remixes God Module.

God Module

God Module is releasing an album this Friday called The Unsound Remixes that re-imagines songs from their most recent album, 2019’s The Unsound.

You can pre-order The Unsound Remixes at Bandcamp.

What’s really compelling about this release is that God Module, who typically makes music in the harsh electro-industrial realm, are outside their comfort zone and have been remixed by bands from synthpop, synthwave, futurepop, industrial, dark techno, and other genres across the dark electronic spectrum.

Remix artists include Funker Vogt, Iris, Ruined Conflict, System Syn, ESA, and a lot more. Even The Dead Milkman singer and noted industrial music fan Rodney Anonymous has a remix on here.

God Module main man Jasyn Bangert says on Youtube, “It was lots of fun seeing what other people did to the songs.”

To give you a taste of what this album sounds like, God Module has already released the Iris remix of “Hindsight.” The legendary synthpop band has smoothed out the mostly aggrotech vocals to make them more recognizable and braced the track to a strong synthpop melody. It somehow works.

The Unsound Remixes tracklisting:

Here is the complete tracklisting along with every remix artist on The Unsound Remixes:

  1. Hindsight – Iris Remix
  2. Phenomenon – Amnestic Remix
  3. Unsound – ESA Remix
  4. Grey Forces – Baby Magick Stryker Roll Out Remix
  5. Display – Ruined Conflict Remix
  6. Cross My Heart – ES23 Remix
  7. Unconscious – System Syn Remix
  8. Deja Vu – Wolftron Remix
  9. Hindsight – Reichsfeind Remix
  10. Phenomenon – Absynthe Of Faith Remix
  11. Unsound – Finite Automata Remix
  12. Grey Forces – Ghostfeeder Remix
  13. Display – Invallid Remix
  14. Cross My Heart – Velvet Acid Christ Remix
  15. Unconscious – Funker Vogt Remix
  16. Deja Vu – Aircrash Bureau Remix
  17. Hindsight – Rodney Anonymous ‘Fears of Children’ Remix

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