Null Device returns with “Snake Eyes” and new album

The Emerald Age, Null Device’s eighth album, is coming November 4.

Null Device

Wisconsin’s Null Device is getting ready to unveil their next studio album, and they’ve just released the album’s second single, “Snake Eyes.”

“Snake Eyes” tackles darker subject matter than we’re used to hearing from Null Device. Lead singer Eric Oehler, whose vocals here remind me a bit of Front 242’s more melodic moments, sings of retribution: “I am not blind. I’ll see you soon, I’ll see you soon,” he promises.

The video for “Snake Eyes” features members of the band in a vintage sci-fi setting, hurtling through space in a spinning saucer and wearing alien costumes that draw attention to their eyes. It’s directed by the band’s own Jill Sheridan.

The Emerald Age coming in November

“Snake Eyes” appears on Null Device’s forthcoming eighth album, The Emerald Age, which is due out November 4. We’ve already heard the album’s fiery first single, “Flags,” which arrived earlier this year.

Here’s how they describe The Emerald Age on Bandcamp:

Their third release for Distortion Productions, “The Emerald Age”, explores darker and more cinematic sonic territory while retaining their signature pop hooks. From the politically-charged anger of “Flags” to the widescreen introspection of “Mayhem Into Ashes”, they refine their sound while broadening their palette.

The Emerald Age is the follow-up to their 2019 album, Line of Sight, which I named one of my favorite synthpop albums of the year for its genre bending synthpop that includes elements of world music.

You can pre-order The Emerald Age at Bandcamp.

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