Priest’s third album, Body Machine, finally coming in July

Listen to Body Machine’s new single, an industrial thumper called “Blacklisted.”

Priest - Cyberhead

The long-awaited new album from Swedish synthpop project Priest finally has a release date. Body Machine is coming July 15.

Body Machine was originally slated to come out in February but was delayed due to production issues. It is the follow-up to Priest’s 2020 sophomore album, Cyberhead, which included the single “Dead Ringer.”

Priest’s fanbase has taken off since Cyberhead’s release as more music fans discover the band’s connection to hard rockers Ghost—members of Priest are former Nameless Ghouls who worked on Ghost’s earliest records. They also signed with legendary underground label Cleopatra Records and will even feature on the soundtrack to an upcoming movie called Hot Seat.

We’ve already heard three songs from Body Machine that hint at a darker, edgier sound. First single “A Signal in the Noise” arrived last December and was soon followed by “Techno Girl.” The latest track is an industrial thumper called “Blacklisted.”

Here’s what the band says about the new album:

“We’re excited to finally release our diverse and heavy rhythm driven third album! Body Machine is steeped in darkness, but it also shows glimpses of hope through the black, hovering smog of polluted future cities.”

Body Machine tracklisting

Here’s the complete tracklisting for Body Machine:

  1. A Signal In The Noise
  2. Ghost Writer
  3. Hell Awaits
  4. Phantom Pain
  5. Blacklisted
  6. Perfect Body Machine
  7. Techno Girl
  8. Crystalline Lace
  9. Nightcrawler
  10. Keep On Burning

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