Promising new act called Pandoria emerges

Listen to their debut song, “Crush.”


UPDATE: There’s now a lyric video for Pandoria’s debut song, “Crush.”

PREVIOUS: This song is technically not even out yet, and I’m already obsessed with it. Take a listen to the Rob Dust remix of “Crush,” the debut song by Pandoria:

“Crush” rules. But who the hell is Pandoria?

Paranoid is over. Pandoria is now

On Wednesday, Infacted Recordings announced the latest edition of its mammoth comp series, Infacted Compilation. Volume 9 will be out on June 19. You can pre-order it at Bandcamp.

As I scrolled through the tracklist, a name I’ve never heard before appeared twice, once as a remixer and again as a main artist: Pandoria.

I did some digging around (i.e. I found them on Facebook), and Pandoria is a brand new act comprised of Martin Bodewell from Orange Sector and Stephan Tesch of the long-dormant band Paranoid. On Facebook, they wrote: “Paranoid is over. Pandoria is now. So here we go.”

Paranoid was a German EBM band in the early ’90s, a great era for music, that was frequently compared to Nitzer Ebb. Their best-known song was the classic club track “I Dominate You.” Paranoid’s final album came out in 1992, though they did release a greatest hits comp in 2011.

Pandoria is clearly an anagram for Paranoid. I hear some elements of the old sound, though the new music feels fresh and current. It’s a nice combination of glossy, modern-day futurepop with EBM influences, especially in the vocals. Based on “Crush” alone, this is a very promising new act.

“Crush” gets officially released by Infacted on June 5. It includes the original mix we haven’t heard yet, as well as remixes by Rob Dust, Frozen Plasma, and more. You can pre-order it at Bandcamp.

In a Facebook post, Pandoria hints that a full-length album is in the works.

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