VNV Nation announces 2025 double album and tour

Construct // Destruct will be VNV Nation’s 12th studio album and first double album of original material.

VNV Nation - Electric Sun press photos

With an illustrious career spanning 30+ years and running, VNV Nation wields one of the deepest catalogs in dark electronic music. In 2025, it gets even deeper—and by a wide margin.

VNV just announced a double album coming next year that will be called Construct // Destruct. A double album means we can expect possibly 20 new songs, though no specific details like tracklisting or running time have been revealed.

There’s also not a firm release date yet, though the album will be supported by a European tour that starts on February 5, 2025, in 𝖱𝗈𝗌𝗍𝗈𝖼𝗄, Germany. The album could potentially drop before the tour begins.

With this double album, we may be in for something entirely different from VNV. In a recent interview with Germany’s RTL, Ronan Harris revealed this information (translated from German)…

I’m currently in the process of—and almost finished—producing a double album. It will be a yin and yang album. There will be a positive side and a side that will make people look wide-eyed because it will be so different. I have many different facets and there is an angry side to me, but it’s a focused anger. I used this anger to write pieces that I’ve always wanted to do.

I already had a concept before the release of Electric Sun, but it had to wait because it wasn’t fully developed. Now I have a clearer vision. The album will be symphonic on the one hand. On the other hand, it will be very rhythmic. More rhythmic than before. And it will have a much bigger cinematic vibe.

Construct // Destruct will be VNV Nation’s 12th studio album and first double album of original material. They have actually released a double album compilation. In 2009, VNV offered a limited-edition box set called Reformation 01 that contained two discs. The first featured live versions of previously released songs. The second disc featured remixes, rarities, and a trio of unreleased songs: “Precipice,” “Suffer,” and “Still Waters.”

We’re used to waiting five years or longer between VNV Nation albums. But it’s been barely a year since the last album, Electric Sun, arrived. I named Electric Sun, which is among VNV’s best work, the best album of 2023 for its cohesive theme about people dwelling beneath a ringed inferno.

VNV Nation just wrapped up the Electric Sun tour. Earlier this year, they played a string of dates across North America that concluded with a daytime performance at the Sick New World festival in Las Vegas.

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