Alice Glass – “Love Is Violence”

Alice Glass’s debut album will arrive in February.

Alice Glass

Alice Glass was supposed to release her long-awaited debut album on Friday, but it’s been delayed yet again. Instead, she dropped a new song called “Love Is Violence” that is accompanied by a gory music video.

The video is directed by Scottish filmmaker Bryan M. Ferguson, who has also made videos for Boy Harsher and Ladytron. It depicts literal bloodshed between a couple, which serves as a metaphor about toxic relationships. In a press release, Alice Glass writes:

For those of us who have dealt with manipulative or toxic partners, there is a whole other layer of pain. Any person who uses their partner’s “love” to control, use, and hurt them is using one of the most cruel and disgusting manipulative tactics in human experience. Disguising power struggles and calling it “Love” it’s a form of violence against a partner. I want to help people to see those red flags and encourage them to remove themselves from those types of toxic situations.

The artist is gearing up to release her first solo full-length album, which is called PREY//IV. It’s now expected to arrive on February 16 and will also include the previously released tracks “I Trusted You,” “Suffer and Swallow,” and “Fair Game.”

Alice Glass is the former lead singer of noisy electronic provocateurs Crystal Castles. She left the project in 2014 after accusing her Crystal Castles bandmate, Ethan Kath, of horrific levels of abuse.

You can find “Love Is Violence” on Spotify and other digital platforms.

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