Ashbury Heights feat. Massive Ego – “One Trick Pony”

I love the premise of this video.

Ashbury Heights

Dark synthpop duo Ashbury Heights has a bright new song out today called “One Trick Pony” that features guest vocals from the always delightful Marc Massive of Massive Ego.

This song has a fascinating premise that I find very relatable. On Facebook, frontman Anders Hagström describes a struggle between his corporate work persona (I wonder what Anders’ day job is?) and his artistic self. He writes that “One Trick Pony” is “an attempt to let the artist out to breathe. To dare admit that the real me is far more colourful and far less normative than my suit would have you believe.” The horse on the cover art and Anders in the video are both emblazoned with a lightning bolt reminiscent of David Bowie’s iconic makeup.

I’m excited to see that Anders’ original co-singer Yaz Uhlin, who returned last year after a decade-long absence, remains active in the band. In addition to performing in the video, she’s credited with directing, producing, cinematography, editing, and makeup.

“One Trick Pony” is the third single from Ashbury Height’s forthcoming album, Ghost House Sessions, which they promise is an anthology of “the unreleased, the rare, and the weird” from their back catalog. They’ve previously released “Spectres From the Black Moss” and “Wild Eyes.” There’s no release date yet for Ghost House Sessions, but hopefully it’s coming this year.

You can find “One Trick Pony” on Bandcamp, Spotify, and other music services.

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