Black Needle Noise feat. Attasalina – “Machine”

“Machine” features vocalist Attasalina and violinist Meredith Yayanos.

Black Needle Noise - "Machine"

John Fryer’s music project Black Needle Noise has a haunting new song out called “Machine” that features vocalist Attasalina and violinist Meredith Yayanos. I really love how Fryer has combined violins with synths, which give the song an otherworldly effect.

“Machine” is the first track we’ve heard from Black Needle Noise this year and his first on COP International Records, the independent record label where Fryer acts as A&R and a producer. Last year, the project released a track called “Nocturnal” that featured vocalist Helena Mamich.

John Fryer is a prolific musician who started his career in 1979 in London and has worked with just about everyone in the scene, including Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Cocteau Twins, and Love and Rockets. He most recently collaborated with dark electronic project Chiasm on her 2020 album Missed the Noise.

Attasalina is from the band The Seraphim Rising and previously collaborated with Fryer on the Black Needle Noise track “Messages By Dreams,” though she might be best known for her collaboration with Daniel Ash. She is currently working on her first solo record, Freed From Rage and Sorrow, in collaboration with John Fryer.

Here’s what Attasalina says about the message of the song: “’Machine’ is a song about visions and change. Written and recorded just prior to the pandemic, the lyrics were inspired by distant memories of a future foretold. A future that we find ourselves living in now.”

The “Machine” single includes remixes from Christopher Hall (of Stabbing Westward), Mark Hockings (of Mesh and Blackcarburning), Sick Jokes, Soman, and Samantha Togni.

You can find “Machine” on Bandcamp.

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