Boy Harsher remixes Perfume Genius

Whoa, I did not expect this.

Perfume Genius

This is an unexpected but incredible combination.

Darkwave band Boy Harsher has remixed a song called “Your Body Changes Everything” by indie-pop musician Perfume Genius. The song is originally from last year’s Perfume Genius album, Set My Heart on Fire Immediately, which made many mainstream best-of-year lists.

Boy Harsher’s remix will appear on a forthcoming collection of remixes from the album called Immediately Remixes. It sounds almost nothing like the original. They’ve given it a dark electronic touch, and there are even whispery new vocals from singer Jae Matthews.

There’s also a music video that Boy Harsher made themselves. Watch it below.

If you’re unfamiliar with Perfume Genius, you should check him out. He combines sparse piano melodies and indie-pop sounds with classical flourishes. I’ve heard his music described as baroque pop or chamber pop. Many of his songs are about LGBT issues and struggles he’s faced with Crohn’s Disease. Some of my favorite Perfume Genius songs are “Queen,” “Hood,” and “Slip Away.”

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