Dead Astronauts – “Pain, I Know”

“Pain, I Know” is from Dead Astronauts’ 2021 album, Silhouettes.

Dead Astronauts - Pain, I Know

Seattle band Dead Astronauts has a new music video out today called “Pain, I Know.” It’s a somber, mid-tempo synthpop song about going through hell and facing painful circumstances. The video features people with high-tech prostheses.

(Weirdly, the same footage appears in another recent synthpop video, “Last Day,” by German band F.O.D. but that’s probably just a coincidence.)

“Pain, I Know” is from Dead Astronauts’ latest album, Silhouettes, which came out earlier this year. They’ve previously released videos for the album’s other singles “Missing Person,” “Chauffeur and the Flame,” and “Forgetting Me.” My favorite track from Silhouettes is “She Haunts Me,” which has yet to be released as a single. I included it on my list of the best songs of January 2021.

Silhouettes is Dead Astronauts’ third full-length album and the first to feature a new vocalist. The band originally formed in 2011 by Jared Kyle and Hayley Stewart, but Stewart left the band to focus on her solo work. Florence Bullock replaced Hayley in 2019.

You can find Silhouettes on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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