Death Loves Veronica – “Red Leather”

“Red Leather” is the second single from Veronica’s upcoming album, Chemical.

Death Loves Veronica

On the eve of releasing her latest album, Chemical, darkwave artist Death Loves Veronica has a new song and video out called “Red Leather.” It’s dark and sultry with a captivating electronic jitter.

“Red Leather” is the second single from Chemical. In April, she released a track called “Burn” that featured a hypnotizing beat and sensual vocals.

Death Loves Veronica is musician and singer Veronica Campbell from Texas. She got her start performing in punk and deathrock bands, including the former goth band Veronica’s Veil, before turning her focus to solo work. She released her first album as Death Loves Veronica in 2018.

Chemical is the follow-up to her 2020 album, Lucid Dreams. Veronica recorded Chemical with analog synths and minimal guitar work. She describes it as “a perverse, dark-electronic journey infused with themes of nihilism, inhibition, and deception.”

Veronica recently announced that she’ll be performing at this year’s Absolution Fest in Tampa, Florida, which returns after a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More info about that event here.

You can pre-order Chemical on Bandcamp.

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