Fonohead makes rich, emotional synthpop

Watch the debut music video from a promising new artist.


Fonohead is a brand new electronic music project from a very talented artist. I don’t know much about him other than he’s a traveler currently splitting his time between London, Riga, and Saint Petersburg. That life experience informs his music, which is simply gorgeous.

A Broken Shape of Time is Fonohead’s debut album. It’s definitely on the softer side of my music tastes, but it has that melancholic tone that is right in my sweet spot. I detect some futurepop sounds combined with warm, ambient soundscapes. The music of “No Meaning” reminds me a lot of VNV Nation’s ballads.

That voice though kills me. He has a cool, laid-back singing style that somewhat recalls Jim Kerr of Simple Minds. At other times, especially on the spoken-word track “Haunted by the Time,” I hear the influence of Neil Tennant.

My favorite tracks on the album are “Metropolitan Child,” “No Meaning,” and “Our Forever.”

You can find A Broken Shape of Time on Spotify and other digital platforms.

Watch the video for “Metropolitan Child”

Fonohead also has a new music video out for the song “Metropolitan Child.” It looks like the footage was shot in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The song is an ode to urban travel with poetic lyrics that are thoughtful and sublime: “These are the parts of my exciting adventure. Of being a child of metropolitan nature.”

You can find all of the album’s lyrics at Fonohead’s website.

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