Kiss of the Whip releases new video, “Be Mine”

“Be Mine” is from Kiss of the Whip’s upcoming album, We’re Not Here.

Kiss of the Whip - Be Mine

Kiss of the Whip, the music project from Tristan Victor, has a new song and video out today that is a thrilling synthpop bop. It’s called “Be Mine,” and you can watch the video below.

I love when Kiss of the Whip goes full-on synth like this. He retains his dark, post-punk vibe but driven by pulsating electronics, which gives his music a unique and compelling sound. Some of the verses on this contain growly, aggrotech-style vocals that add another dimension to the song.

Last month, Kiss of the Whip released another new track called “We’re Not Here” that has a more guitar-oriented vibe. You can find it on Youtube.

Kiss of the Whip’s most recent album, New Lows, was released this time last year. It features another amazing synthpop number called “Set Yourself Aside” that was among my favorite songs of the year.

Kiss of the Whip’s new album is called We’re Not Here

“Be Mine” and “We’re Not Here” will both appear on Kiss of the Whip’s upcoming album, We’re Not Here. The album comes out October 23.

You can pre-order it at Bandcamp.

It looks like this song is going to be remixed by Agent Side Grinder, and now I can’t wait to hear that. Here is the complete tracklisting and cover art:

  1. Introduction in G Minor
  2. Girl Made of Stars
  3. Be Mine
  4. Left Behind
  5. Sun Moon Star
  6. A Sky Entirely Devoid of Stars
  7. We’re Not Here
  8. Never Cursed
  9. Drowning Inland
  10. Starving the Flame
  11. Be Mine (Agent Side Grinder Remix)
  12. We’re Not Here (Sydney Valette Remix)
  13. Be Mine (Schonwald Remix)
  14. We’re Not Here (TSTI Remix)

Kiss of the Whip - We're Not Here

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