Neuf – “Silicone Suit”

“Silicone Suit” is the second song this year from new Swedish band Neuf.


Swedish band Neuf has a new song out called “Silicone Suit” that is about being in a destructive relationship. The music video features an evil woman in a blue bodysuit tormenting the members of Neuf.

“Silicone Suit” is the second song this year from Neuf. In February, they released a more somber track called “Cathedral Bells.” There’s no word yet if these songs will appear on a full-length album from Neuf.

I don’t know much about Neuf. Their name is a French word meaning new, as in the famous Parisian bridge Pont Neuf (New Bridge). Unlike that other French word that means new, nouveau, neuf implies brand new, that it’s never been done before, whereas nouveau means new in a more general sense. Neuf also means nine in French, but that probably isn’t the basis for the band’s name.

EDIT: Neuf emailed me to let me know that they’re named after the nine card in a tarot deck: “The nine of spades means death. This is the worst card of the whole deck. This card is cruel and does not make any distinction.” Also, their next single will be on May 7.

Despite the French name, Neuf is a trio from Gothenburg, Sweden, made up of singer Svante Englund, multi-instrumentalist Max Flövik, and artist Jonas Kröjtz. They cite as influences classic EBM, industrial, cyberpunk, and goth, including specific artists like Front 242, Gary Numan, and DAF. In 2019, Neuf released a handful of tracks on Bandcamp.

You can find “Silicone Suit” on Spotify.

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