Pixel Grip feat. MONĀE – “Demon Chaser”

Pixel Grip’s new album, Arena, is due out on May 21.

Pixel Grip

Chicago trio Pixel Grip has a new song out today called “Demon Chaser” that features guest vocals from another Chicago artist, MONĀE. The music video is shot in a wild, chaotic nightclub that makes me miss clubbing.

“Demon Chaser” is the third song Pixel Grip has released from their upcoming album, Arena. They previously released two thumpers called “Alphapussy” and “Pursuit,” and all three songs have me pumped for the full-length album.

Arena is due out on May 21. The album is Pixel Grip’s second full-length, following their 2019 debut, Heavy Handed.

Pixel Grip is comprised of programmer Jonathon Freund, vocalist Rita Lukea, and drummer Tyler Ommen. They make filthy, seductive electro that would feel right at home on a playlist featuring Thrill Kill Kult, Boy Harsher, and Peaches.

You can listen to “Demon Chaser” on Spotify. Pre-order Arena on Bandcamp.

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