Solar Fake releases new album, Enjoy Dystopia

Enjoy Dystopia contains Solar Fake’s latest singles “It’s Who You Are” and “This Pretty Life.”

Solar Fake


Solar Fake’s new album, Enjoy Dystopia, is out today. It includes the previously released singles “This Pretty Life” and “It’s Who You Are.” Those two songs are featured in music videos that form an ongoing storyline that has yet to be resolved. Presumably, we’re getting a third video from the album.

There’s also an expanded version of the album that includes covers of songs by HIM and The Pixies, as well as a ton of remixes from the likes of Solitary Experiment, Blutengel, Massive Ego, Iris, and many more artists.

You can find Enjoy Dystopia on Spotify and other digital platforms.


Solar Fake has a new song and music video out today called “It’s Who You Are.” The track is the second single from their upcoming album, Enjoy Dystopia, which is out on February 12.

You can find “It’s Who You Are” on Spotify and other digital platforms. Or watch the video below.

“It’s Who You Are” is not quite the banger as first single “This Pretty Life.” It’s a fairly straightforward futurepop/synthpop song with a strong beat and compelling lyrics about overcoming the toxic people in your life.

The music video appears to be the second part in an ongoing storyline that began with “This Pretty Life.” In this outing, Solar Fake’s drummer, who played a therapist in the first video, is making a sandwich for a scared woman he’s keeping in a locked room.

She’s the same woman from the first video who got hooked on Sven Friedrich’s pharmaceuticals and stabbed their bassist. The rest of the video features mundane footage of the band going about their day—making coffee, walking the dog, rehearsing in the studio.

So what happens to the woman in the locked room? I suspect we’ll find out in a follow-up video.

Here are the videos for “This Pretty Life” and “It’s Who You Are.”

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